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                                      MACULAR DEGENERATION (AMD) AND NUTRITION

Macular Degeneration, the leading cause of blindness, occurs in later life as the central part of the RETINA begins to break down. There are 2 forms, dry and wet. The dry form is treated with antioxidant vitamins like the PRESERVISION-Omega 3 formula which have shown to help stabilize vision and prevent further vision loss
( note: they will not restore vision already lost). Avastin, Anti-VEGF and Lucentis eye injections help prevent abnormal blood vessel growth in the retina for Wet AMD.

Risk factors for AMD:

1. age , more prone after age 60
2.​ family history of AMD
3. smoking
4. ​excess weight
5. excess sunlight exposure
6. inflammatory foods: dairy, beef,
    veg. oils, highly processed foods
7. high blood pressure
8. Chloroquine drugs

15 ways to reduce AMD:

1. 7 hrs sleep
2. weight training
3. walnuts and pistachios for essential fatty oils
4. blueberries, purple grapes and pomegranate juice for antioxidants
5. cold pressed olive oil
6. carrots for vitamin A and tomatoes for lycopene
7. tumeric spices, saffron spice found in Middle East food
8. probiotics
9. dark chocholate
10. Vitamin D 3 , check your 25 OH-D blood levels for vit. D
11. Omega 3 , Triglyceride liquid form is best
12. Vitamin C 2000mg/day as an antioxidant
13. Lutein (found in eggs spinach and kale) improves integrity of retina by filtering the blue light
14. avoid over cooked foods and corn oil
15. ​blue-blocking sunglasses and anti-glare blue coatings for computer use