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Children should have their eyes checked by the age of 3.
​Healthy vision is vital for success in life, and it all begins with regular vision exams during childhood. The failure to detect and treat vision disorders affects childhood development, learning performance, self-esteem, social behavior, academic achievement, high-school dropout rates, adult literacy, and juvenile delinquency.

Recent studies (the CLEERE study), have shown that excessive near work does not cause myopia.  However, Vitamin D production was found to be important in stemming myopia. So spending more time outdoors lowers the risk of developing myopia in children.
Warning signs:​

​· A book is held very close to the eyes when reading.

· The head moves back and forth while reading, instead of the eyes.

· Tilts head to one side when reading.

· The finger is used to trace lines while reading.

· Complaints of blurring, double vision or headaches when reading.

· Closes one eye to read or squints to see.

· Short attention span and becomes quickly fatigued when reading.

· Homework takes hours when it shouldn’t.

· Child seems to read well but has poor comprehension.